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I have more than 20 years of experience writing code, building databases, designing dashboards, and analyzing data for companies large and small.
Below is a list of my services. If you're looking for marketing specific examples, an alternate version of this page focused on marketing only is right here.

Pull Data In
Push Data Out

Gather data from Google Analytics, Twitter, or other APIs. Import a pile of Excel files into a single database. Export data to suppliers.

Combine Data
from Different Places

Match customer orders with marketing campaign data. Add social media handles and email addresses to your customer records. Innovate with data!

Analyze All That
Combined Data

Who are your best customers? Who are your worst suppliers? How are your employees doing? What should you do next?

Build a Report
or a Dashboard

Monitor your spend against your budget by project and department. See how your marketing campaigns are doing.

Automate Stuff
Based on Data

Set up alerts. Know when something bad happens before you hear it from a client. Schedule triggered marketing campaigns.

Build a

Build a responsive, mobile web application. Share your data. Make it easy for customers to get what they need.

You can get to know me a little better with the links below.

Recent Projects

I've been having a lot of fun lately!

I built a Tableau dashboard
for a large media company.

It helped improve customer service by monitoring how happy customers were during tech-support calls.

I analyzed data using
Natural Language Processing.

I wrote code to sift through email data and find out what topics made clients, employees, and vendors happy or anxious.

I live streamed a baseball
game from 1959.

This was fun! On Twitter, I broadcast a Yankees opener from almost 60 years ago as if it were happening in real time.

I ran sentiment analysis
on several different brands.

This helped a client understand how well received their new logo designs were by customers during a brand update.

I built a mobile web app
to help detect payment errors.

The app helps accounts payable clerks avoid double paying invoices and identify fraudulent invoices.

I built an automated
marketing campaign.

During a football game, the campaign sent an email offer to fans each time their favorite team scored.

What do you want me to build for you?

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